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September 2, 2006, 11:32 am
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I found a new social network for soccer fans. It’s a BBoard site called SoccerFriend and it’s a bit different than Joga in that it is more of a place to chat. It’s kinda old skool. Also whoever created it is ingenious because you have to post at least 5 times before you can see profiles and the ones shown are of hot, half naked soccer fan chicks.

Yeah its a ploy. I have posted 6 times and still get the run around phrase You must make at least 5 posts on the forum to view photos which is bullshit. But hey maybe things will change. The bulletin boards are still pretty cool and there’s a small community that seems to be growing. Check it out.

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First Practice
August 30, 2006, 9:47 am
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I had my first practice tonight with Lucia and Anna at Lower Woodland
tonight. We started about 8:00pm and went until 10:00pm. It was a good
practice but cold and wet. I guess that was good because I’ll be
playing co-rec this fall and we all know how Seattle is.

I learned a little juggling, passing and goal kicks. Me and Anna are both pretty new at the game so it’s great to have someone to practice with who doesn’t completely kick my ass. Lucia’s a good coach too so I’m looking forward to more practices this week.

I need to get a better fall soccer outfit though. My Adidas pants were too damn warm and my Glasgow jacket socks up way too much water.

Other then Lucia locking the keys in the car I had a great time. We called AAA but apparently missed them so they left a note on the window. It turns out Anna had left the passenger door unlocked.

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Welcome to the Blog
August 30, 2006, 9:19 am
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Thanks for coming by the blog. I hope you enjoy it here. I would love to get comments on posts, and hell anything else related to soccer. Tips, tricks, best places to play the beautiful game.

Check out my Joga site for more information about me or my profile at myspace.